About Us


All Bodies Dance Project is an inclusive dance company located on unceded Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver, BC, Canada). Our work brings together artists with and without disabilities to explore movement as a means of creative expression. All Bodies offers accessible and inclusive dance classes for people of all abilities. We strive to create an open, safe and fun environment where everyone can experience the joy of moving and creating within a diverse community. We seek to make opportunities for every body to discover dance and for artists with disabilities (and without) to access pre-professional dance training. We want to widen the spectrum of who dances and what dance can be.

Our Process

Mixed ability or integrated dance is an approach that is accessible to all bodies and all abilities, including people with physical, developmental, sensory and neurological disabilities. In a mixed ability dance practice, differences are regarded as creative strengths as we explore the choreographic possibilities of wheelchairs, crutches, canes and different ways of moving and perceiving. The practice explores the point of contact between people with different abilities in order to create dances that are the direct result of who each individual is and what they bring to the group.

All Bodies Dance Project seeks to address questions about the dancing body, community and connection. Who has access to dance training? Who get to make dances? How can dance reflect our values of diversity? By bringing together “standing dancers” with dancers who use wheelchairs and other mobility aids, our practice seeks to challenge the ideas of normalized dancing bodies and give artistic voice to an innovative community of dance makers.

Our mandate

1) To offer accessible and inclusive dance classes and workshops for persons of all abilities
2) To create and perform new and innovative works of contemporary dance choreography
3) To cultivate a diverse community of integrated dance practitioners and to nurture, grow and advance the field of inclusive dance in Vancouver, British Columbia
4) To challenge and shift cultural perspectives on the dancing body